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Many women were prescribed Sodium Valporate, (Epilim), as an anti-epilepsy drug, that has resulted in babies born with autism, congenital abnormalities and neurodevelopmental issues.

If you were prescribed anti-epilepsy drugs and your child has been diagnosed with cognitive and social impairments then you may be able to make a claim for Fetal Valporate Syndrome.

The following drug brands are involved in Sodium Valporate claims are;

  • Epilim
  • Convulex
  • Kentlim
  • Depakote
  • Valpal
  • Syonell
  • Dyzantil
  • Sodium Valporate
  • Orlept
  • Episenta
  • Epival
  • Belvo

These drugs were also not only prescribed for epilepsy but also for Bipolar Disorder, migraines and additional mental health issues.

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